Mesin Penjawab Telepon

Mesin Penjawab Telepon

Dengan Menerapkan Mesin Penjawab Telepon yang berfungsi juga untuk menerima pesan ketika incoming call tidak terjawab maka Perusahaan bisnis anda terlihat sebagai perusahaan besar yang bonafid

By implementing an auto attendant phone system in your business organization you can provide superior customer support, and project your business as a big conglomerate among your clients.
Mesin Penjawab Telepon 

Provides Your Callers with the Right Interface

With the support of the auto attendant phone system you can offer your callers an interface similar to that offered by Fortune 500 companies. The major advantage of this system is that it efficiently manages calls, faxes and voice messages from the clients. Therefore you need not appoint additional personnel for handling incoming calls. Besides, you can control your business from any location using your existing local or toll free phone numbers.

The auto attendant answers all calls with professionally created greeting messages. It can be customized to present the callers with salutation messages depending on the time and day, such as office hours, after office hours, weekdays and holidays. The auto attendant can be programmed to give the callers a short profile of your company and the details of the products and services offered.

The auto attendant offers the callers a menu of options such as dial by name, dial by extension and more in order to connect the calls to the right department or employee. Routing of all calls is efficiently carried out without providing busy signals to the callers. The system is proficient enough to handle several calls simultaneously.

Mesin Penjawab Telepon

Other Features of Auto Attendant System

Another important feature of the auto attendant phone system is its find me follow me call forwarding facility. This provision helps to redirect the calls to an alternate set of numbers including cell phone numbers, when the calls to the official numbers are not answered within a specific number of rings. Therefore it completely eliminates any possibility of missing important business calls.

The auto attendant routes all unanswered calls to the voicemail system, where the callers can leave voice messages. The user can check these voice messages later and respond to the queries made by the customers. The callers are also routed to the voice mail system when all the connections are busy.

No Need to Purchase Expensive Equipments

When planning to implement the auto attendant phone system, the greatest advantage is that it is not necessary to purchase any expensive PBX hardware. The equipments are maintained at the site of the service provider and the PBX services are offered with the support of high speed Internet or dedicated telephone connection. The PBX services are shared among a number of users and can therefore be availed at affordable monthly charges.

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