A bit about IP Pabx

A bit about IP Pabx
A bit about IP Pabx

Regarding the definition of IP-PBX , the following definitions according to WIKIPEDIA:
IP PBX or Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is PABX that use IP technology. IP PBX is a telephone switching device and data communication technology-based Internet Protocol (IP) which controls the analog phone extensions and IP Phone extensions. The functions that can be done such as switching, control, and termination of telephone; translational communication protocol; translation or transcoding media communication, as well as control devices such as IP Telephony VoIP Gateway, Access Gateway, and Trunk Gateway.
based IP PBX solution is concept of future generation communication networks or known as the NGN (Next Generation Network) that can integrate the conventional telephone network (PSTN / POTS), mobile telephone networks (GSM / CDMA), satellite phone network, network Cordless (DECT), and network-based packet (IP / ATM).

IP PBX brings multiservices capabilities in IP network telephony communication to the world, so it will allow more and more communications services that can run on top of IP networks. Multiservices is Voicemail & Voice Conference, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Unified Messaging System (UMS), Fax Server and Fax on Demand, Call Recording System, Billing System, and Web-based Management System.
‘s IP PBX can support Analog FXO trunk interface / FXS **; MFC-R2 Digital E1, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI; IP (H.323/SIP/IAX), and Analog E & M Tie Line In addition, the IP PBX extension interface can support Analog FXO / FXS; Extension Digital; ISDN BRI Interface (2B + D), and TCP IP (H.323/SIP/IAX).

There are many strategies to take advantage of IP-PBX technology, genital to utilize the Personal Computer and a few extra cards.
device is required:
1. CPU (Plus Monitor Keyboard And Mouse) + LAN Network
2. Computer CPU for setting external antecedent assigned to IP-PBX.
3. Analog Telephony Card *: example 1 FXO OpenVox A400P with
4. Trixbox Installer is an application for IP-PBX instant. In Trixbox install, it will automatically installed Linux OS + Applications IP PABX and some other additional applications.
Trixbox today free (open source). There are similar applications for IP-PBX locally made ??them briker.
5. PSTN telephone network / telecoms or FWT
* Analog Telepony Card: a device to facilitate communication between the IP-PBX with analog phone devices. Various market their brands, there Digium, Sangoma, Openvox, etc..
existing Analog Telephony Card that can be mounted internally (in the PCI slot) or can be external (via USB) and has one or more FXS and FXO modules.
** FXO (Foreign Exchange Office): Port for telecom / FWT.
FXS (Foreign Exchange Service): Port for the phone (handset).
For convenience we will call the FXO and FXS CO Jack / Ext.

How to Install and Setup IP PABX:
– Analog Telephony PCI Tancepin Cardnya in the CPU.
– Install Trixbox in HDD CPU TSB (Trixbox your hard drive all data will be destroyed.) which is actually install Linux Centos. Follow the prompts to complete.
– Restart the computer, wait for loading to complete.
Once the install is complete, there will be a prompt for login. There URLs on top of IP addresses to access the WEB GUI from another PC. (Computers connected to the local network / LAN) for example:
Turn on another computer that has ternstall Windows or any other OS, and is connected to the network.
browser and type Call
display will appear WEB Trixbox GUI, for setting the IP-PBX.
above on the right-click menu (switching), to confirm the password. Type in username: maint and password: password
IP PABX So a bit short, maybe next time we will discuss IP PABX in other ways, namely by menggunakna PABX Pansonic KX-TDA100D, KX-TDE100, PABX NEC SL1000 or PABX LG ERICSSON

A bit about IP PabxA bit about IP Pabx

A bit about IP Pabx