PABX System that have popular Features

Pabx Phone System
PABX System that have popular Features

PABX System that most used is PABX System that have popular Features and ability to meet the needs of recent communication technologies. Here are feature’s that you should consider when buying a PABX :

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PABX System that have popular Features

  1.  PABX System should have a Voicemail feature

Without a doubt the most popular feature ordered on our phone systems is Voicemail. Saving time and money over handwritten messages and allows you to use your business resources more effectively. No more incorrect spelling or missed phone numbers . Just like your mobile phone voicemail, phone system voicemail allows callers to tell you exactly what they want. Most PABX phone systems allow you to allocate who can and who cant use voice mail …its your choice. NECPanasonic and LG Ericsson are PABX phone systems that support voice mail & other important features on all their systems .

2. Hands Free Digital Handsets are also very popular

Hands free Speaker are becoming a must have with most Business PABX Systems. Allowing you to continue to work while waiting on hold, dial numbers without picking up the phone, share a call as a conference call with others in your office or allowing you to continue to use a PC while in a conversation while speaking to your caller. All PABX system manufacturers have models available that have speaker phone functionality. If handsfree speaker phones are on your list make sure you specify them when arranging a quote. Some suppliers will quote you on the cheapest handsets available an then charge you to upgrade later.

3. Music or Messages on Hold

With Music on Hold or Messages on Hold (MOH) you provide you customer with a greeting or message while they are waiting in a call queue or the call has been transferred and is waiting to be picked up.
The use of day and night time greetings allows your business to have different messages for different times of the day depending on whether you are open or not and assist in making sure you don’t ever miss a call. Similarly during peak periods if the call hasn’t been answered the system will answer the call for you and greet the caller with your own message. Depending on your PABX system and the type of phone lines you have (ISDN is more effective) some systems are capable on answering and holding more than 1 call at a time.?Telaustralia will arrange to have your phone system programmed to your needs. Be sure to clearly specify what you want on your PABX Phone System Scope document. As with Voice mail some PABX systems include MOH as a standard inclusion.

4. The ability to transfer calls – sounds simple right?

Sounds simple enough but if you don’t have the right type of lines paired with a PABX system to meet you needs this function may not meet your requirements.. Ideally ISDN 2 or ISDN 10/20/30 with a DID Direct Indial Number range will make this function more capable during peak periods. Each PABX System Manufacturer has their own method of dealing with call transfer so its important that you check that this simple but important function is managed efficiently.

5. The greeting message – your customers introduction to your business

This feature is often one of the hardest or a business to get right with their PABX System. Many business take the short cut and record this message them selves instead of getting a professional recording ….. and a large percentage don’t really nail it. Day and night time greeting messages ensure your business will not miss any important calls. If your calls are not answered within a defined number of rings the greeting message will come on “thanks for calling , your call is important and we will with your shortly” etc. Depending on your PABX Phone system and the type of phone lines you have (ISDN is more effective) some systems are capable on answering and holding more than 1 call at a time.?

6. Auto Attendant – Need to manage a lot of calls?

Auto Attendant allows you to direct your calls to the right place without the intervention of a receptionist. Eg press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts and 3 for customer service. This can allow you to save money on reception costs and all allows you to reduce the wait time for your customers by sending them directly to he area they want to go to but beware. Many callers do not like dealing with companies with this feature so it is very important to get the set up right.

7. Speed dialling on your handsets

Speed dialing comes in 2 forms ..basic dialing from your handset and computer based CTI software allowing you to dial numbers from your desk top phone book. Most PABX Phone System manufacturers have handsets that allow add on that can handle up to 100 direct speed dials. Most standard handsets come with between 6 and 24 buttons that can be used for speed dial. Most of our customer get handsets with between 6 & 10 speed dials on the business PABX phone system digital handsets.

8. Headset compatibility

More and more our customers are requesting wireless and corded headsets. Wireless headsets are usually Bluetooth or Dect. Dect giving grater range and mobility while blue tooth is compatible with a grater range of products including mobile phones and the PABX phone system Several brands (plantronic) allow multiple pairing allowing you to switch between calls from PABX System and Mobile Phones

9. Conference calls

Conference calling also comes in 2 levels . 1 is using a speaker phone suitable for a normal size office while the higher and and more expensive option uses directional microphones and even directional video. If you will be conference calling from a larger conference room be sure to advise you supplier of this when getting a quote so that they can quote you on exactly what you need.

10. Phone System Software

A broad range of supporting software is now available to use in support of the PABX phone system. Call accounting software allowing hotels to charge guests for calls, CTI software allowing for integration of phone books, call management software for inbound and outbound call centers provides for call quality monitoring, call recording and detailed statistical analysis. Ensure you advise your supplier of your exact needs when scoping the PABX Phone system you need.