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Panaboard Panasonic’s electronic whiteboard (copy boards), offers color, interactive, and standard types to meet virtually every need. Choose from a wide range of Panaboard models, including interactive electronic whiteboards that fit perfectly in both offices and classrooms.

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It is supports innovative types of business and education.

What’s a Standard whiteboards?

It’s a whiteboard that lets you scan information written on the board in black and white, and immediately print it out. The scanned data can be transferred to a PC by connecting the PC to whiteboards with a USB cable.

It’s includes various models for different applications, ranging from the basic type to high-end models for use in hotel conference rooms and boardrooms.

Designed to match the luxurious interiors of boardrooms and hotel conference rooms.

This high-end model has a large frame and a deluxe appearance not offered by ordinary whiteboards.

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  I. Panaboard Thermal Paper :  
          UB-5320 (900 mm x 1.400 mm, 2 panel) Rp.12.760.000,-
          UB-5820 (900 mm x 1,762 mm, 2 panel) Rp.15.070.000,-
          UB-7320 (900 mm x 1.400 mm, 4 Panel) Rp.18.810.000,-
 II. Panaboard Plain Paper :  
          UB-5325 (900 mm x 1.400 mm, 2 panel) Rp.16.280.000,-
          UB-5825 (900 mm x 1,762 mm, 2 panel) Rp.18.920.000,-
          UB-7325  (900 mm x 1.400 mm, 4 Panel)  Rp.22.770.000,-




  I. Stand Panaboard Metalic
         Original stand KX-B061 –  A Rp.   1.850.000,-
         Lokal Stand KX-B061 –AL Rp.      900.000-
         Wall Mount Lokal KX-B063 –AL Rp.      550.000-



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