V380 Bulb Camera

Product Specification

  • Dual function: Can function with or without Wi-Fi connection. Act as recording purpose if no Wi-Fi at home. You can only view from your phone when you are within the CCTV area. However, if it’s connected to home Wi-Fi, you can view it anywhere you are.
  • Acts as an LED Bulb and CCTV Camera.
  • No blind spot and excellent night vision.
  • High quality video resolution: 960P HD (1280 X 960), 1.3 Megapixels.
  • Two-way audio: Built in speaker and microphone where user can hear the sounds from the video and speaks through the CCTV using their phone.
  • All CCTV function are controlled from the phone’s app, including the LED light function.
  • Can take photo on the spot and save it to your album. You can still rotate your photo for 360° even its saved in your app album.
  • Switch ON / OFF LED Light from phone anytime you want and anywhere you are.
  • Unlimited Users: Share device to unlimited users. All users can view at the same time from their phone.
  • LED Light Sensor: Can set as Auto or Manual. If it’s set to Auto, the lights will turn ON/OFF automatically when the surrounding gets dark/bright.
  • Motion Detection Sensor: Alerts user by alarm when there is a motion detected from your home. You may set the time to detect motion.
  • Micro SD Card Slot: Suggest to use Class 10 Micro SD Card for faster speed. All recordings will be saved automatically and will be recycle once SD Card is full. A 16GB Memory Card can record up to 1 day, 32GB is 2-3 days, and 64GB about 6-7 days. Micro SD card can be extracted from CCTV to be save and view in computer.
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